I am including in this web site all of the materials, written and web links that helped me understand benzodiazepine dependency, withdrawal and recovery. The reading material does not necessarily represent my actual experience, to understand this you can refer to my journal entries, but the information contained in this material does provide some generic data that I consider valuable in understanding the subject matter.

Among the web links, I included a link to the treatment center, Pat Moore Foundation. This is where I finally went through the initial phases of recovery – the actual surrender – in in-patient treatment. Another link is to a special individual who helped me tremendously with his knowledge of bio and neurofeedback. His name is Erik Olesen. I am also including the web link to Chapa De in Auburn, California. Their Behavioral Health Department was instrumental in the early stages of my recovery. Tom Seibel taught me autogenic training and meditation techniques and their psychiatrists understood the importance of not prescribing narcotic or addictive medications.



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