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Month 7

Today, February 9th, is my 7th month “birthday” free of Benzodiazepines. The past few days have been very hard for me because of continual abdominal discomfort. It was so bad it brought me to the emergency room. I wanted to check and make sure I was not having a recurrence of Pancreatitis. CT scans came up negative. I was diagnosed with gastritis.

I have been off Gabapentin for over two weeks now and was advised by my doctor to consider if symptoms get too difficult, reinstating the Gabapentin until I am better able to tolerate the Benzodiazepine withdrawal.

Since I have been having such abdominal distress, I have decided to discontinue for the time being, all nutritional supplements except Juice Plus. I have however found benefits eating or taking Ginger, Turmeric and garlic for the stomach. Too soon to see if the Turmeric is helpful but believe the garlic and ginger is helping with the cramps. I also have a prescription for Ondansetron (Zofran 4 mg) which helps with the extreme cases of nausea.

As of the 7th of March, I have been off the Gabapentin about of month. I saw my psychiatrist the other day and confirmed that it may not be necessary to continue seeing her since she is no longer prescribing me medications. I am now getting my prescription of Hydroxyzine and Zofran from my primary care physician.

For the past several weeks, I have been taking a “Couple Talk” course with my wife in an attempt to learn better communication skills. The nights I have been participating in Couple Talk, I was previously scheduled to secretary a popular AA meeting. I was able to get folks to cover for me. I anticipate I will be taking on the position the second week of March.

I began a secretary commitment for the month of March at another meeting on Mondays at 10:00 am – only for the month of March.

As I am approaching my 8th month of clean time and sobriety, my journey is easing as it relates to the symptoms of withdrawal. The psychobabble is easing, the abdominal distress is not as bad as a few weeks ago and the episodes of severe shaking and tremors are also easing.

I am going to Yoga every other week on Friday’s and trying to get in one half hour of brisk walking each day – about 2 miles.

I am still not taking any supplements but am taking Juice Plus each evening. I am ingesting ginger and garlic when I feel abdominal discomfort.

I am not juicing quite as often because it is expensive but I do juice when the produce is available and I am able to replenish it.

I am nearing the completion of my journey with Celebrate Recovery. I have one week to go and I will have completed the 12 steps. It is anticipated that graduation ceremonies will be held the last week of April.

My AA sponsor has agreed to work the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous with me after I complete the last few steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with him.

I learned that a couple from the treatment program I was in may be in my area in mid-May. I have invited them to come over to my home.

I have been helping a member of AA by letting him stay in my home. I have also extended an invitation to other AA to rent a room from me in my home.

I chaired a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous last evening and am interested in being the secretary of that meeting. I am getting a lot of my AA friends to attend and be a part of my recovery experience.

I will have 8 months Saturday, March 9th.

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