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Month 8

I have 8 months now. It is March. I am beginning to secretary meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have to find “chairs” to share their experience, strength and hope.

I am going to a minimum of three A.A. meetings and two N.A. meetings each week. I am also attending Celebrate Recovery each Monday night and have been since before I went into treatment back in June of 2012. On the second week of March, I completed my 52 week commitment and finished the 12 step program. I will “graduate” with 7 other guys from my group on April 26th.

I completed a 6 week course through my church called “Couple-Talk” that helps my wife and communicate more effectively. We have 8 follow-up telephone conference calls ahead.

My health continues to improve and while I need an occasional Zofran for nausea and Hydroxyzine for anxiety, the overall severities of the symptoms are starting to subside. I still have occasional bouts of twitches, shakes, numbness and heart palpitation and the psychobabble is still present but all at a lesser degree.

I am venturing out a little with my diet, juicing less and eating a more relaxed diet but trying to avoid processed and fatty foods.

I still go to yoga every other week for the restorative class at my gym.

Today, March 29th, I got my 8 month chip.

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