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Month 19

This month showed continued signs of progressive improvement.

I was elected secretary of a very popular and long established meeting of Narcotics Anonymous.  Being of service is still an essential part of my recovery because when I am helping others, I am not glued on myself.

I am walking an average of 6 miles per day and walking definitely helps with the anxiety. I noticed however, that as with most things, I can overdo it.  My hips started to hurt so I backed down a little on the walking.

As for nutrition, I have been like clockwork.  Juicing fruit in the morning with some oatmeal.  For dinner, fish, vegetables and maybe some juice (vegetables).  Before bed, a cup of yogurt and a dose of Juice Plus (whole food fruits and vegetables). Water is an essential part of body health.

My weight has hovered between 195 and 200 lbs. which is about 40 to 45 pounds less than I weighed before recovery.

Symptoms continue to subside but the mornings are still hard on me.  Nausea, shakes and jaw chattering still wakes me about 5:00 am each day. The mind races and anxiety is abound.  Walking helps rid me of for a while.

I go to at least two meetings of NA (Narcotics Anonymous), three meetings of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and one meeting of CR (Celebrate Recovery) each week. I sponsor two men in recovery and I am sponsored as well.

I started going to Pacific Trauma Center once a week to work on some trauma I experienced early in life.  This has been a good experience so far.

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