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Month 18

I celebrated 18 months on January 9th of 2014.  This has been a long journey to say the least.  I have gone from taking a dozen medications and visiting the ER twice a month, to taking no medications, exercising daily, eating well and taking appropriate steps to maintain and improve my recovery.

It has become my mission now to help others and to give back what was given to me. I am sponsoring men and going to meetings to share my experience, strength and hope with others.

But even this far out, 18 months, I frequently experience lingering symptoms of anxiety and physical pain and discomfort.  Nothing however like month 6 or thereabouts but just enough to remind me to be thankful and vigilant.

Walking has helped me and over time I have been able to walk twice a day between 3 and 4 miles.  Walking helps keep the anxiety and psychobabble at bay and opens the mind and heart.  It helps that our weather has been especially nice of late.

I am juicing each day, ideally twice a day.  Once in the morning with fruit and once in the afternoon with vegetables. I have become especially fond of homemade beet juice and found that there are many benefits.

I try to cook salmon or another type of fish in the evening to ensure I get some kind of protein.  If fish isn’t available, eggs, tuna or a wrap with peanut butter and honey makes due.

I have been working with other men, walking them through the twelve steps.  The 12th steps says we carried the message to other sufferers and practiced these principles in all of our affairs. For me, recovery is enhanced by practicing the principles of the 12 steps and helping others recover from their difficulties.

Beginning January 27th, I will again take the 12 steps in a one year commitment with Celebrate Recovery.  The last time I did this, I was in early recovery and suffer much more than today and feel I may get more out of such a commitment than I did the previous time.

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