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Month 13

The first few days of my first year without anxiety medications was spent doing what I have been doing all year, going to meetings, eating nutritiously, walking doing yoga and meditation.

The month of July and into August was pretty much uneventful other than I usually woke up around the five o’clock hour with anxiety, tremors, jaw chattering and mild nausea.

If it got too bad, I would resort to taking a Hydroxyzine and Zofran tablet but on most instances, a good walk would usually reduce the symptoms. I had established a routine walk of about 2.3 miles around my neighborhood that included uphill and downhill pavement. The walks usually too about 35-40 minutes and I averaged about 3.6 miles per hour. As of the 13th of August, I had recorded 86 walks for a total of 196.11 miles during a period of 63.16 hours.

I still go to the primary care physician once a month to go over my progress. The overall intensity of the symptoms have reduced considerably but there are still occasions where I feel out of control.

I was secretary of two local AA meetings and my term expired with one and is about to expire for the second. I joined a chess club in my community as an alternative to going to the one meeting and I volunteered to be an alternate treasurer for the NA meeting I go to once a week.

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